About Bob Dent

I grew up in the wonderful state of Colorado. It's a great place to live when you love the mountains the way I do. When I was younger, I spent time climbing fourteeners, skiing and showshoeing. Although not a serious photographer then, I would often take a camera and try to capture the beauty of those adventures, with varying degrees of success. When digital photography started to become a realistic medium, I decided to jump in and start learning how to take what I hoped would be better photographs. It didn't take long before I was toting around my little 5 megapixel point and shoot with me on my hiking trips. I soon realized that I loved combining this artistic expression with my love of the outdoors.

Now days when I go into the mountains, my goal is not simply to summit a peak or just to enjoy the view for myself, but I go with the intent of trying to make photographs that convey some sense of the beauty of these incredible places. Sometimes that requires getting to places that are difficult to access or going at times when I might prefer to still be asleep, but the rewards of nature photography are well worth the effort.

Today my wife Kelly and I live in Denver - just a few minutes from some of the most beautiful mountain scenery anywhere.