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Plaque Mounting

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering my prints in a plaque mounted style. This is a very popular display option that is great for landscape photos and has certain advantages over traditional matting and framing. Please visit my prints page for more details.

May 27, 2013: New Gallery

Recently I've been experimenting with some macro photography. These new images were made by photographing bubbles, either by mixing oil and water, or by using standard bubble solution. The Color Flames gallery are photos of just the solution. It's a bit of a departure from what I normally display on this site, but I'm happy with the results, so I decided to include a gallery of this work here in the main gallery, or you can go right to it from here. If you have questions about any of the photos, please feel free to contact me.

November 29, 2010: New Fall Images

I just added a collection of fall images to the gallery. Please have a look at the Adventures page.

October 27, 2010: New Look

If you've visited this site before, you may have noticed that I've made a slight but noticeable change. I've retained the site's design, (which I totally love) but decided to move from it's warm earth tones to an all gray scheme. Although I really liked the color scheme, I've noticed that in some instances showing images against a colored backround (albeit muted) could bias the eye against the colors in the images. By changing to gray, I believe it eliminates this issue, giving the viewer a better sense of the color characteristics of each image. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do.

Another bit of news - I'm currently processing images from my recent fall trip here in Colorado. Stay tuned for new images coming soon!

September 6, 2009: New Gallery Setup

Well, I've finally decided to update the gallery setup for the website. As you may have noticed, I've eliminated the main gallery page format which had all the images in one place. I felt it was getting a bit unwieldy and have decided to simplify by using only the subject galleries. I feel these galleries can help you find images quicker and easier. I will, however, continue to post new images in the Adventures page. If you have any feedback on the new navigation, feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

July 14, 2009: New Photos

I know, it's been way too long since I've posted any new work. Not wanting to wait any longer, I've added a few new photos to the site. You can see them here. I hope you enjoy them! More to come...

October 26, 2008: New Fall Images

I've now added a number of new images from my fall trips. Most of them are from a trip to Grand Teton National Park, but I also have a few new ones from Yellowstone National Park and the Elk Mountains here in Colorado. Please visit the Photo Adventures page to see some new fall images.

March 5, 2008: New Photos

I've added some new photos from a trip up to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Check out the Photo Adventures page to see some images of ice fractures. A must see for all of you abstract fans!

February 22, 2008: New Website Feature!

I've now added a new feature to my website. It's called "Photo Adventures." This page will now be the place to see new photos and information about my recent trips and photographic endeavors. Of course, these photos will continue to show in the main gallery, but you may wish to stop here first to see the new additions.

November 8, 2007: Fall Photos

It's taken me some time to process photos from this fall, but I've finally added a number of images from my autumn trips. Once again, I returned to one of my favorite locations, the San Juan Mountains. Photographically speaking, it was a rather challenging autumn for me. It seemed like each time I tried to photograph, I was contending with rain, strong winds, and at times, downright winter like temperatures. If that were not enough, I spent most of my San Juan trip fighting off a stubborn cold. Still, I managed to have a great time, and come home with some new images of a stormy yet beautiful Colorado autumn. Please visit the main gallery and have a look!

September 9, 2007: Images From Canyon Country

Once again this year I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah. The scenery here is quite different than Colorado. The many rock formations and open canyons are beautiful and quite unique. I've posted a few images from some of my favorite spots here. Please visit the main gallery and have a look.

August 23, 2007: New images from Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the more popular destinations in Rocky Mountain National Park is Glacier Gorge. In the summer time, the trails through the gorge are traveled by hikers, rock climbers, and yes, photographers. For some, the hike ends at wonderful Mills Lake. Those willing and able to continue further into the gorge are treated to views of high alpine lakes, waterfalls and rugged mountains. Classic Colorado scenery! I spent two serene mornings photographing around the Black Lake area. I've added three photos from those mornings. Please visit the main photo gallery and have a look.

August 14, 2007: Waterfall Photos

Colorado has so many unique water features. Two well known waterfalls in Colorado are Rifle Falls and Hanging Lake. I had visited Rifle Falls State Park earlier this year, but it was a little early in the season and the surrounding trees and grasses were not quite green and growing. So I decided to return a little later in the year. Rifle falls is unique in that there are actually three waterfalls, although slightly manipulated, that come together in this one place. Hanging Lake is a small but beautiful lake, actually a pond, that has unique blue-green water. Water from Dead Horse Creek cascades down into the lake in a series of gentle falls. This is a popluar hiking destination, and for good reason. Both of these places illustrate how unique the scenery can be here in Colorado. Please visit the main gallery to see these new images.

August 4, 2007: New Photos From Rocky Mountain National Park

I always look forward to any time I can spend in Rocky Mountain National Park. Each year I try to make several visits to this amazing place. This time I've included some photos from the ever popular Bear Lake. Although hundreds of people visit this lake daily in the summer, very few are there early enough to enjoy watching the sunrise. I've included two photos from one very calm and quiet morning. And secondly, I've also added some photos from a recent backpacking trip into the Box Canyon area in the northwest section of the park. The hike up towards Thunder Pass opens up nice views in all directions. The weather was not great for camping but made for some enjoyable photography.

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